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* Nobody in Japanese turned up with the required reader for Japanese, though this may well have to do with the fact that the copy centre doesn't open until 9.30.  As a result, entire class booted out at 9.30 to go buy it. 

* This required queueing up with everyone else in other early classes who had obviously met with the same problem.

* Queueing should be made into a national sport.

* For instance, during the 80 minute break between my Japanese class and an Anthropology lecture, I (a) queued to buy some biscuits, (b) queued to use the ATM, (c) queued to use the bathroom, (d) queued to pick up the rest of my readers, and (e) oops, never mind.  Out of time.  

* Anthropology lecture was interesting.

* What I could hear of it, anyway.  Also, I really, really need glasses.  /squints at the slides down front

* This teaches me that I should get there early and go sit down the front somewhere.

* Or possibly just buy glasses. 

* Then I queued at the bookstore to pick up my remaining textbooks.

* That was painfully long.

* And painfully expensive.

* But at least I got to stare at a book called Hungover Owls for a good five minutes.

Hungover.  Owls.

* Okay then.  Not much I can say to that.

* Then I bought a tuna sandwich, lamented the weight of my backpack, and holed up in the library to write hiragana over and over.  

* I have to learn those suckers by Thursday.

* Hungover.  Goddamned.  Owls.

* History lecture was harder to hear than the Anthropology one.  Even with the doors closed.

* This was possibly due to the fact that an entire lecture's worth of students were lurking right outside said doors.

* Today, I couldn't hear either of the lectures well, but at least they get put up online.  So I've downloaded them to listen to all over again.

* Which makes me wonder whether it's worth going to these lectures in person before I get my glasses.

* Tempting, but I'll be good.

* Mostly.

* I mean come on!  How often do you see owls go barcrawling?

*  Or ...barswooping, as the case may be.

*  ...oh yeah.  Then I went home. 8|

So yes, I got home and I should do a whole pile of readings, but first I naturally looked up drunken birds.  drunkenowls.tumblr.com, eh.  8|a 

I am tired but satisfied.  Whether or not I'll be any good at any of this is still up in the air.

Date: 2012-02-28 05:22 am (UTC)
motokomaharet: (Default)
From: [personal profile] motokomaharet
Well done on making it to uni, especially first week.
Hope your hiragana writing goes well.
At least all your lectures so far are taped and put on myuni...

It was good to see you, all be it breifly...

Date: 2012-02-29 01:14 am (UTC)
mikangirl: (This is my shopping!! face.)
From: [personal profile] mikangirl
You'll see me again, I don't doubt. XD And yes, the fact they're all recorded is a godsend. They're a lot easier to take notes for when I can hear them so clearly. >>


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