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[livejournal.com profile] webfoot and [livejournal.com profile] zig_zag123 and I all took off up to the hills tonight to borrow Webby's stepmother's swimming pool.  Over dinner (a very nice dinner!) a bunch of people swapped SPIDER HORROR STORIES about, you know, massive dinner-plate sized spiders turning up where you least expect them out in the hills.  You know.  In the kitchen.  Collected with the mail.  That sort of thing.

This makes arachnophobes very nervous, you know.  (Apparently I lied about not getting nervous often.  Phobias are a special case >_>)  To the point that when I decided to go back into the house to change I was checking every corner with great paranoia, expecting to see massive shadowed furry things crawling on the walls. 

Locked myself in the bathroom to change.  Yes.  No spiders in here. 

...best check just in case.

WA: <_<
Spiders: *totally fail to appear on the left side of the bathroom*
WA: >_>
Spiders: *nope, not on the right side either*
WA: Well, that's a relief.  Guess I'll change.
Spider: Psst!
WA: What?
Spider: Look down.
WA: *looks down*
Spider: *sitting on top of bountiful breasts* Hi! ^_^
WA: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH--you know what, fuck it.  *flicks spider off chest*

Somewhere out there, God sits with one hand on the 'torment WA' button and the other hand stuffed into a carton of popcorn.  It's also possible God wears a dentist's coat and likes to set people on fire on a regular basis...

Had a good weekend otherwise.  Hee.
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When I was a child, I was susceptible to bullying.  Well.  I was very intelligent and a little younger than everyone, and still let my grandmother dress me, and didn't have the social grace to know that a) becoming the favourite of a teacher was automatically a stigma, whether you intended it or not, and b) keeping your head down and ignoring people because they said mean things was not, despite every parent's advice, the best way to get them to stop.    It encourages them.  Because they'll keep going until they get a response.

No.  Didn't work that way.  It's the same reason you never react to someone approaching you on the street by bowing your head and scurrying off as if you hadn't heard them.  Children are little bastards.  Those guys on the street are malicious little fucks that never grew up.

Here. Have a somewhat disturbing tale of schoolyard bullying with a WTF moral. )


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