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O mai I haven't done one of these in an awfully long time.  I miss them so.  Really. 

Hi there!  As probably hasn't escaped anyone's attention, I've been making videos for years now.  In 2010 I made the most successful AMV of my short career, which I'm quite proud of (though secretly twitch at times to go in and fix the things I don't like about it).  It was made back in August 2010.  You can see it here:


Or, if you're unfortunate enough to be German, Puerto Rican, or any number of outlying places that qualify as part of the US, you can see it here instead:


This is my video.  I like it a great deal.  Once a long time ago, someone asked if they could repost it with full credit and I gave them permission.  \o/  I'm a generous sort to those who ask.

This person didn't:


Not only that, but this person is uploading other videos that they did not make.  Fellow One Piece fans can probably ransack his profile and notice that for themselves; I recognise at least one, and I very much doubt he made any of those videos.

I've asked politely for him to take it down and have been ignored.  Someone a week ago told him in French that it was stolen, and he hasn't responded to that either, so it's not like there's a language barrier here.  He knows damn well he's in the wrong.

This, as I've said several times before, is Seriously Fucking Rude.  So once again, I'd really like to encourage anyone who's against plagiarism or, indeed, anyone who's just plain bored, to descend on the little bastard and politely suggest he might want to rethink his actions.  Hell, if you can do it in French, so much the better. 

We thank you for your time.  B)  Get him, my minions.

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