Aug. 20th, 2012

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Apart from random plagiarists, my last couple of weeks have been sort of nonexistent. That's because UG gave me his stupid cold infection thingy from the convention he went to, and the tail end of it kinda makes you float through the week with the vaguest sense of existing. You sort of answer a tag and then wonder what you did for the last three hours...

I'm improving now. I'm also putting off telling work I'm better because I'm lazy.

Some other stuff that's going on with me:

1) I'm still working as a transcriptionist. They've strengthened communications between the typists, which is a bonus.

2) I'm now also technically the producer for a video game company.

3) Closely aligned with 2) is the fact that UG has decided he hates working for the government and has started programming video games with a mutual friend of ours in the hopes he can make a living out of something he actually enjoys, but wants someone to take care of the administrative side of things.

4) He's also going to give me Adobe Premier if I would be willing to create his promotional videos. I deferred that request on to ZZ because she'd be better at it, but I think I still get the software. >_>

5) I have about seven half-finished AMVs sitting on my computer. I will one day finish one.

6) I am ragequitting the One Piece anime for a little while. this gif may give you a clue as to why. Along with this picture. (She's also saying the words "I'm all messy" here.  Nothing like seeing your favourite character, who is a strong and well rounded individual, reduced to nothing but a pair of breasts and terrible innuendo, right?)

7) I am still greatly enjoying RP, though given the pictures in (6) are sadly nothing new it's playing havoc with my interest at times.  I'm not as hooked into it as I used to be, but it's still fun.

I still don't have a great deal to say on blogs but I'm trying to think of things.  Ask me to write about something and I probably will.  Though I will say I feel a lot more cheerful about things of late for reasons I ..find hilarious.  I don't know, has anyone else had an epiphany as the result of something a character says in a video game?  But I needed to find more things hilarious anyway, so I'm down with this. |D

Hope everyone else is doing okay.


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