Feb. 1st, 2012


Feb. 1st, 2012 11:34 am
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I had to run crying to a friend who knows how to enrol, mind, because damn it's a convoluted process down here. But now officially enrolled! I'm doing a major in Japanese with two minors in Asian Studies and Anthropology. And shoring the rest up with random History subjects that might well make up another minor by the end. 8|a

And now I just need to... find money from somewhere, as I'm flat broke and work is quiet and I won't get paid Austudy until I actually start university. >_> I know Centrelink will give me a thousand dollars up front, and if I'm lucky I'll get the scholarship which will also give me 1250 for financial hardship, but the fact is I probably owe my housemate around $2000 by now and I need to replace everything except my jeans and shoes, and most importantly if I'm going to university...

...I need glasses. ._. Because anyone who knows me is aware that I can't read a sign post if it's more than 20 feet away and I sit far closer to the television than I should in order to read text in games. Heck, often I have trouble reading restaurant menu boards. So...going to sit lectures with someone at the front writing up notes on a whiteboard sounds particularly to me like I should finally get my ass into gear and get the damn things.

So they're several hundred dollars. 8D

Help, I'm drowning in debt? Oh well, I'll get there eventually. Somehow.

Anyway. I'm running around busily, so am slow on everything ever, including tags, including updates. Have a good week. o/


I wrote one paragraph of Misconduct and one paragraph of Zaibatsu. FEAR MY WRITING SPEED. But at least I made a start, in that... I sat down and forced myself to write something. Oh muse, come back to me. But maybe it'll get easier?


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